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Chew Vol. 1 by John Layman & Rob Guillory

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Chew is cool.  The concept, the execution, the humor, the everything.

Some background: Tony Chu is a cibopath which means he gets psychic vibes from whatever he eats.  Fruits and vegetables take him on a sensory trip from when they were seeds until Tony buys them from the grocery store.  One bite and he knows what tree it grew on, what kind of pesticide was used, when it was picked.  Everything.  So you can imagine what it is like for him when he eats meat (which he only does for work-related purposes).  Tony is a special detective and his job is to wrangle those illegally selling chicken, which was banned after a worldwide bout of bird flu.

Imagine a world without chicken.  There is no hope.  The people are either depressed or buying their chicken on the black market.  Food-related crimes are on the rise and there’s only one person with the taste buds to stop them.  Tony Chu and his partner, John Colby, are tasked with stopping the chicken black market and this leads them to an international conspiracy that puts the whole ban on chicken into question.

In Taster’s Choice, Volume 1 of the series, Tony begins work for the FDA (the most powerful law enforcement anywhere) and learns there’s more to the chicken ban than the government is letting on but the knowledge comes from an unlikely source.  He has to use his cibopathic skill to the extreme — go beyond nibbling on plants and animals for clues, if you get my drift and if you don’t then read the book  — in order to uncover the truth.  In the meanwhile, he gets a new partner, a new girlfriend, and we meet his brother, an ex-TV chef who has an on-air meltdown when he is forced to cook using a chicken substitute.

Chew doesn’t disappoint.  It’s got Grade A USDA Choice originality and freshness combined with 100% organic characters and humor.


Written by JP Weezey

June 18, 2012 at 4:19 pm

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