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I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly & JM Ken Niimura

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I was excited about reading I Kill Giants–the title itself was enough to get my attention.  And then I read the description and was even more intrigued.  Barbara is a loner, an odd kid, who escapes into a fantasy world to avoid dealing with real life.  As the fantasy world starts bleeding into reality, Barbara becomes more and more convinced that something big is coming and it’s her duty to stop it.

Barbara is just enough of a smartass to make you feel sorry for her.  A kid who backtalks like her must be dealing with some major issues, right?  And she really is, but it’s not until much later in the book that you realize what exactly is going on.  Things and situations are hinted at, but it’s never really clear what is wrong until the final confrontation.  And what a confrontation it is: Barbara’s fantasies culminate in one big doozy of a battle that threatens herself and those around her.

The fantasy becoming reality is the most interesting, and also the best, part of the story.  As other people become affected by Barbara’s fantasies, the story perfectly blends reality and fantasy while keeping it all believable.

I was impressed with the final villain, from his true purpose in the story to his overall appearance.  Niimura did an excellent job portraying a monster that brings an important message along with tons of doom and gloom.

Barbara is definitely a character you want to root for and hug at the same time.


Written by JP Weezey

March 26, 2012 at 12:52 pm

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